Channels (previously W.A.M)

Channels (previously W.A.M) 2.0.2

Introducing Channels (previously W.A.M: Who's Around Me), re-imagined and refreshed!

Introducing Channels (previously W.A.M: Who's Around Me), re-imagined and refreshed!

Introducing Channels (previously W.A.M: Who's Around Me), re-imagined and refreshed!

Are you looking for a new brunch spot, bar to watch the game, date night adventure or even a new job?

Are you visiting a new city on a work trip and want to know what local gems you just can't miss out on?

Do you want to connect with fellow music lovers and discover the soundtrack to your next pregame or workout?

Channels gives you the tools to do all of this and more. Through geo-tagged "channels" created by your fellow users, you can find ways to explore the city you're in or branch out and learn more about the site of your next adventure. With easy-to-use navigation and a simple, tag-based search tool, Channels lets you be part of an interconnected network where you can delve into shared interests and discover new ones.

What makes this app special is its power to be absolutely anything you want it to be. As our user base grows, so does the variety of ways you can interact. You might unveil the perfect weekend getaway, find a Spanish tutor or a pop-up live concert or a free yoga class, or maybe you'll just spark a deep conversation about dating and relationships, the possibilities are endless.

Channels works by connecting people with particular common interests together easily and anonymously, via chat. Each channel contains its own self contained group chat for all subscribed users, creating interesting, like-minded conversations. There's no limit to how many channels you can join, and once your down with a channel conversation, simply unsubscribe!

There aren't any app or service registrations, log-ins, ads, or anything that asks for your personal information. There aren't even any menus! Just a few screens, a few swipes away, to quickly and easily help you find what you're looking for anytime, anywhere!

We ask for your location permissions, but we ONLY use your location when you create a channel, because all channels are location based, but you can always choose to not show your exact location to preserve your privacy.

We're just two guys that figure the world only gets better when valuable tidbits are shared, and shared frequently. So we hope you'll help us make this more than an app; we want this to be an experience.

Download Channels for FREE today and start exploring. We can't wait to see where this goes.

NOTE: We'll be using your feedback to make continuous improvements and enhancements, so please share your thoughts in the comments.

Other Uses:

- To plan a trip and chat with only the people who are going

- To talk to other users anonymously that are at a venue you want to go to but would like to know what its like ahead of time or coordinate where to go next.

- Alert the community to an emergency at a particular location (I made a Channel for an Amber Alert yesterday so people have a way to share information)

- Advertise an event or something for sale (or find something for sale or an event)

- To find a partner or group of people interested in something (i.e tennis partner, gym partner, people interested in sky diving, etc)

- To explore a new area you've never been with the ability to talk to real people real time.

Reminisce with friends or the world anonymously

- To just talk about something cool, funny or interesting with other people. Who knows, you may meet a new friend!

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Channels (previously W.A.M)


Channels (previously W.A.M) 2.0.2

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